Issue 1486 - fortnightly, 2007


36 pages.

Mint condition.

"Chaos in Cyberspace" - story and art by Hans Lindahl.

Story : 

Hans Lindahl’s epic adventure (surely one of the most unusual in the history of The Phantom) reaches what seems to be the end in Chaos in Cyberspace.

It may well be that The Phantom still has some unfinished business in this electronic world, because at the end of the story he makes it clear he may one day return.

For those who just came in, another reminder that you should make an effort to track down earlier parts of the story!

It all began in an episode entitled Death in Cyberspace, which appeared last year in Frew edition No1442.

In that story, The Phantom learns about a computer genius named Professor Protherew who claims it is possible to electronically re-create history ...



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