Issue 1429 - fortnightly, 2005


36 pages.

Mint condition.

"The Redeemer Part 2 - The Farm" - story by Claus Reimerthi and art by Hans Lindahl.

Cover art by Hans Lindahl.

In this issue we return to Lubanga  'The Redeemer' in a story with the innocent title "The Farm". The title of this adventure is as you are about to discover, completely misleading, because there is absolutely nothing innocent about the plot or most of the characters! Writer and artist have combined to produce a blood curdling nightmare of a story! President Luaga is once again at risk of ending up in political exile, Lubanga's henchmen use alligators and poison gas to deal with anybody who dares to oppose them and The Phantom discovers that Sarah (whom you will remember as Miss Mist for a story published in 2000) has been recruited into Lubanga's maniacs, brainwashed - and turned into a a ......

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