Issue 1413 - Special, 2005


100 pages.

Mint condition.

4 story Special:
"The Mysterious Inheritance" - story by Michael Tierres (aka Claes Reimerthi) and art by Hans Lindahl.
"The Iron Python" - complete story by Tony De Paul and art by Graham Nolan.
"Swamp Dragon" - complete story by Lee Falk and art by Sy Barry.
"The Hunters" - complete story by Lee Falk and art by Sy Barry.

Cover art by Hans Lindahl.

Story : 
Presenting our first 100 page special for 2005 - a collection of two new stories and two complete Lee Falk - Sy Barry classics We lead off with "The Mysterious Inheritance" the original appeared in Scandinavia in 1989 but it is published in Australia for the first time in this edition. Reimerthi's script is not only clever, but fast moving and Lindahl has captured the essence of the story with his innovative use of panel designs, duo-tone and offbeat angles which stress the sea action and the weird landscape of Bird of Prey Island. Aspiring comics and commercial artists should study his techniques, because some of his stormy ocean scenes and perspective shots on Bird of Prey Island are absolutely brilliant. Take a good look at Aunt Maggie if you are endeavoring  to create a comics villain! Have you ever seen a more evil female character than Maggie?
Our second new story is the the most recent Sunday adventure, "The Iron Python", there are touches of an old Lee Falk story in this adventure. See if you can spot it.
The two golden oldie stories are "Swamp Dragon" and "The Hunters" both created by Lee Falk and Sy Barry in the period 1976 to 77. Both have been out of print for some time and both have been reproduced from the original masters so for the first time they appear in their entirety and in far better quality than in previous impressions. Lee Falk wrote both stories at a time when he was unimpressed by the almost fanatical American enthusiasm for hunting and the equally fanatical growth of gun ownership demands...


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