Issue 1172 - fortnightly, 1997


36 pages.

Mint condition.

"The Viking Castle Mystery" - story by Tony De Paul and art by Cesar Spadari.

Cover art by Antonio Lemos.

Story : The Viking Castle is  a wonderful and highly mysterious adventure from writer Tony De Paul and artist Cesar Spadari! Wonderful because the art is exquisite, mysterious, because De Paul hints at The Phantom family line going way back to the days of the Viking warriors! He does not, I stress , suggest that any of The Phantom's preceding the current 2st was in fact a Viking because that is not possible in the known time frame.  The Vikings were a force in the period of the 9th to 11th centuries - before the appearance of the first Phantom. However he does suggest that the family treee could extend back to the Viking days. Decide for yourself! The beautiful painted covers for this issue are by Antonio Lemos who has really excelled himself.


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