Issue 1085 - Special, 1994


52 pages. Special

Mint condition.

"Princess Valerie" - story by Lee Falk and art by Ray Moore.

Story : Here it is the long awaited complete printing of Princess Valerie! Put this issue away carefully! We will not be releasing it again for quite some time. The last edited printing was 13 years ago and went under the title of The Captive Princess. This reprint of Princess Valerie did require much restoration and re-inking of panel borders because the masters are now in less than pristine condition.We have as you will notice retained almost all the continuity boxes to give you at least a feel of how the story must have unfolded as a daily newspaper story way back in the mid 1940's. Lee Falk put everything into this story. A kidnapping, a little girl left stranded in a wild jungle, wild animals, cannibals, evil villians, and the ferocious Hairy Twins - not to mention a few hungry crocodiles!


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