Giantsize Phantom Issue No 8, 2019 + Phantom's Universe Card #13 Caroline Benson


100 pages. plus Phantom's Universe Character card #13 - Caroline Benson.
Mint condition.


Cover art by Glenn Lumsden

In typical Frew fashion, the contents of this issue has changed a little. We’re still kicking off with a Phantom story from Charlton, called The Cliff Kingdom, in which the Phantom finds a secret kingdom built-in-a-cliff, meets a damsel in distress, saves the day...and all within 14 pages!
Up next is the latest adventure of The Raven. The popular series from Paul
Wheelahan continues as our mysteryman goes up against a sinister, Neo-
Nazi organisation!
Then comes Scorpius by Shane Foley. It’s a new story featuring the Phantom, the Shadow, Catman and Sir Falcon together, for the first time. It’s an historic moment for Frew; setting the groundwork for many things to come!!
Lastly is the next issue of The Panther! See what our other ‘Lord of the Jungle’ is up to, when he encounters a would be Napoleon.

The Phantom's Universe Card #8 - Hoogaan is one more of a series of varied character and comes with your Giantsize Phantom no 7.

The Phantom's Universe Card is only available at, as part of your Giantsize No 7 Comic order or as part of a Giantsize Comic subscription.
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