Giantsize Phantom Issue No 7, 2018 + Phantom's Universe Card #9 Hoogaan


100 pages. plus Phantom's Universe Character card #9 - Hoogaan.
Mint condition.


Cover art by Glenn Lumsden

Another mixed bag of goodies, this issue:
Our lead Phantom story is a Falk/Barry classic that hasn’t been seen in a Frew
comic since issue #1312 (the 2002 Annual). It’s ‘The Lost City of Pheenix’ -
the 8th daily newspaper strip - featuring the second appearance of Old Man
Mozz.  Next up is The Panther #7. More feline heroics from the masterly brush and typewriter of Paul Wheelahan.  Following is The Phantom Ranger #4. Another golden oldie from Jeff Wilkinson. Catman #4 follows. Another beautifully
drawn tale from Australian comic legend, John Dixon.

The Phantom's Universe Card #8 - Hoogaan is one more of a series of varied character and comes with your Giantsize Phantom no 7.

The Phantom's Universe Card is only available at, as part of your Giantsize No 7 Comic order or as part of a Giantsize Comic subscription.
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