Giantsize Phantom Issue No 4, 2018 + Phantom's Universe Card #4 Hero


100 pages. plus Phantom's Universe Character card #4 - Hero.
Mint condition.


"Giantsize Phantom no 4". 

Cover art by Glenn Lumsden

Frew heads into orbit with this issue.

Our first ‘booster rocket’ stage, is a classic Lee Falk/Sy Barry story that hasn’t been seen here since 1993. How the Phantom Saved the Earth - the 139th Sunday story from 1992, was last seen in Frew #1051. 
Supplying propulsion for the second stage of this issue is a reprint of the
very first Captain Strato comic from comic legend John Dixon. 
Our third stage ‘launch vehicle’ is a story from The Invisible Avenger oddity from 1952. And the hero we have on board with us in this issue: Cometman!
Our last story - the landing capsule, if you will, is another brand new treat
from Shane Foley. He has written and drawn a Planetman adventure for
us...again with one of those cameos that we’ve almost come to expect from him. 

The Phantom's Universe Card #4 - Hero is one more of a series of varied character and comes with your Giantsize Phantom no 4.

The Phantom's Universe Card is only available at, as part of your Giantsize No4 Comic order or as part of a Giantsize Comic subscription.
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