Giantsize Phantom Issue No 3, 2017 + Phantom's Universe Card #2 Diana


100 pages. plus Phantom's Universe Character card #2 - Diana.
The Phantom's Universe Card #2 - Diana is the second of a series of varied character and comes with your Giantsize Phantom no 3.

The Phantom's Universe Card is only available at, as part of your Giantsize No3 Comic order or as part of a Giantsize Comic subscription.
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Mint condition.


"Giantsize Phantom no 3". 

Cover art by Glenn Lumsden

Another mixed bag of Australian retro goodness.
First up, our Phantom story this time round is a short piece from 1971, published by Charlton. Because of the length of the other stories contained within this issue and because we only have 100 pages in which to present them all, we will be featuring a few
of the shorter Charlton and King stories from the 70’s in future issues of Giantsize Phantom..
The second story is a bit of a departure from our already established format. It is a reprint
of The Crimson Comet #1, from 1949. The Crimson Comet, although not originally a Frew character, is one of Australia’s first superheroes, and is being reprinted here with
the kind permission of the Dixon family. Loosely based on the Timely/Marvel character, 
Our third story is a reprint of The Shadow #3. From the first (1950) series by Jeff Wilkinson. A real snapshot in time - you’ll see Jimmy Gray have as much fun as a man can in a latex mask.
Next is The Phantom Ranger #2 again from 1950. Another timeless Jeff Wilkinson issue...The Great Payroll Mystery! If you’re a fan of these ropin’, wranglin’ and ridin’
- type comics, then check out our 2018 Annual, out in January, with a collection of Phantom stories from the Wild West PLUS a brand new Phantom Ranger story, from Italian master, Romano Felmang.
Our last story is a brand new treat from Shane Foley. Shane has written and drawn another Sir Falcon adventure for us...again with a cameo from someone we’ll all recognise. The title, The Stolen Chronicle, may give you a hint, but suffice it to say,
the story functions as a sequel to the RESPONSIBLE RECYCLING... with a dash of histrionics! famous Phantom story, Alexander’s Diamond Cup. Maybe, to get in the mood...and to make the experience more complete, you’ll need to read that story first. It was recently reprinted in our Collector’s Replica Series no. 10 (Frew issue #1779).
Lastly…a welcome back to Dr Kevin Patrick, who has written a short piece on Sir Falcon. Kevin is probably enjoying this publication almost as much as I am, getting to dig into all manner of arcane and obscure facts about the Australian comic book history.

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