Giantsize Phantom Issue No 2, 2017


100 pages.

"Giantsize Phantom no 2". 

Cover art by Glenn Lumsden

The Phantom story for this issue is the Scarlet Sorceress, last published
by Frew in issue #1436 (2006). It was the 16th Sunday story, written, of
course, by Lee Falk and drawn by Ray Moore and Wilson McCoy.
Following that is the next issue of Catman (#2, to be precise, from 1958)
by John Dixon. John was arguably Australia’s most famous comic artist.
He is probably best known for his Air hawk newspaper strip. John’s final
years were spent working for American publisher, Valiant from his home
in California. This is the second incarnation of Catman to be seen in
the pages of a Frew comic. The character, originally licensed from US
publisher, Continental Magazines, debuted in Frew’s Super Yank Comics
#2, in 1951, but John gave him a makeover, when Catman received his
own title later that decade.
Then we have Sir Falcon #1 from 1954. We got a glimpse of Sir Falcon
last issue with a new, short story from Australian artist/writer, Shane
Foley. Shane will return next issue with a story that picks up from that
one, and actually also works as a sequel to the famous Phantom tale,
Alexander’s Diamond Cup.
Next up is the Shadow #2, by Jeff Wilkinson. First published in 1950.
A real reflection of the times, the Shadow – part detective, part secret
agent, part man-of-mystery, can best be described as the Saint with a
latex mask. And while on the subject of the Shadow, We do have a brand
new 22-page story coming up in a future issue of Giant Size Phantom, in
which the Shadow will be teaming up with someone well-known to you
all. I’ll use the word ‘eponymous’. This story will be written and drawn by
an internationally known Phantom artist.
The fourth story this issue is another treat from Shane Foley. A new
Phantom Ranger story with another small but important cameo. Shane
really captures the mood and flavour of the old Peter Chapman stories
from the 50’s.

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