Issue 1767 - Kiwi Cover, 2016


36 pages.

Mint condition.

"Predator's Road" - story by Claes Reimerthi and art by Heiner Bade.

Cover art by Glenn Ford.

Story : In this plot we get to know the history of the central bad guy Captain Bababu. He’s a man who is haunted by his childhood, overflowing with bitterness and resentment. Living a life without any gratitude or appreciation for the support that he has received in the past. Certainly he was bullied as a boy, and lost his mother who was his sole parent at a very early age, but is that really justification for the extreme and violent nature that he has adopted as an adult? Bababu could benefit enormously from a little quiet time on a couch with a good clinical psychiatrist working through a few Mummy issues. In the absence of such therapy, then he may just have to make do with a little of the Phantom’s behavioral corrective guidance, i.e., a fist in the face!


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