Phantom's Universe Character Card #53 - Scarecrow


Frew are introducing the Phantom's Universe Character Card. Each Character Card is post card sized (90 x 140 mm), showing a beautiful drawing of a Phantom character plus detailed information on one side and on the reverse side the history about the character.

Each Phantom's Universe Character Card contains information about name, occupation, nationality, allies, relatives, base of operation, first appearance and so on.

They come in single and will start with Card #1 - The Phantom. Each new card will be issued with each new Phantom's World, Giantsize Phantom or Kid Phantom. The series will start with Phantom's World no 2.

The good news is: if you are a subscriber of one of our new series of Phantom's World, Giantsize Phantom or Kid Phantom (or all 3 together) you’ll get a FREE card, sent to your door, packed in with your comic. That’s one with every issue! If you just want the card, they will be $2.00, and available from the website. Or you could just subscribe to the comic)…and get them free. Just sayin’.

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