Issue 1973 - Fortnightly, 2024


36 pages 

Cover by Jeremy MacPherson

The Devil in Stockholm” is a 2019 Team Fantomen story, written by Mikael Sol, with art by Jan Bielecki.
Mikael Sol was the editor for Fantomen from Fantomen 10-11/2012, succeeding Ulf Granberg, until Fantomen 6-7/2021. In 2015 he succeeded Claes Reimerthi and Hans Lindahl as editor of the Team Fantomen production of stories. 
Artist Jan Bielecki is a Swedish comics artist who currently resides in London. 
The artistic style is new and noticeably different as is the storyline being based in Stockholm and dealing with a family having suffered the devastating loss of a wife and mother. The results of this loss have a deep psychological impact on the bereaved father and son’s relationship.

Comic in mint condition.


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