Issue 1947 - Fortnightly, 2023


36 pages 
Cover art by Antonio Lemos

Allow me to welcome you to the island of T, which is the theme for this 68-page colour special. We open with the timeless classic story by Lee Falk with the superb art of Sy Barry. This wonderful strip was the 127th daily story at the time of publication and it ran from 21st April 1975 until 13th September of the same year.

Our sequel, “The New Island of T” is a brand-new Frew story written by the erstwhile and highly esteemed writer, slash, pseudonym that is E. J. Holden... not to be confused with any other model in the GM Holden range, this shy creative writes a ripping yarn! The story is only enhanced by the magnificent artwork drawn by Angelo Todaro.

This issue also marks the start of “Fury” another little gem created by Paul Mason and Amanda Bacchi. Enter Julie Walker, a little older, and now a widow in hot pursuit of Singh pirates to rescue some captive children. She has magnificent swagger in her hat and great coat, hips loaded in antiquated armaments, shotgun in hand, as she strides through outback Queensland. Accompanied only by her loyal and deadly bird of prey.


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