Giantsize Phantom Issue No 10, 2019 + Phantom's Universe Card #73 The Shadow


100 pages. 
Mint condition

Cover art by Glenn Lumsden

First up we revisit an old friend of ours...the Phantom Crusader. For those who came in late, Lord d’Errant - a 12th Century French Lord - was first introduced in #1484, where we meet the young Christophe for the first time.
The salubrious Shane Foley has brought us another couple of episodes of Sir Falcon, and his merry crew of misfits.
This is followed by a reprint of Sir Falcon #3, to keep you in the mood.
The Phantom of the Round Table was an Egmont story from 1975.
Revenge of the Singh Pirates, is another Charlton story, reprinted here
for the first time. 
The last two episodes centre around the Red Archer - a Peter Chapman creation, that was introduced in Gem Comics by Frank Johnston Publications, in the late 40’s. 

The Phantom's Universe Card No 73 is one more of a series of varied character cards and comes with Giantsize Phantom No 10

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