Issue 1920 - Fortnightly, 2022


60 pages

Flame Special.

Mint condition

“Flame”, is a 1980 Team Fantomen story, written by Norman Worker, with art by Georges Bessis. It was the first Team Fantomen story that was originally published in color. “Flame”, is a story from the chronicles read by the Phantom to entertain and amuse his guest, Lamanda Luaga as well as Rex and Tom-Tom. It was set in 1717. 
Flame, who appears to have been modeled on actress Jane Russell, is more than a match for the Phantom and demonstrates this on many occasions with sword in hand, by leaping off roofs and diving from high speed, flaming carriages over cliff tops, plummeting into the sea far below. It comes as no surprise when the Phantom says to her, “I’ve wanted you as my wife from the moment I first met you…”
The union of these two characters is so full of potential that we just had to explore it with a short sequel by Andrew Constant with the art of Wendell Cavalcanti, all coloured by Ivan Pedersen.

Cover Art: Clayton Barton


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