Issue 1749 - Kiwi Cover 2016


36 pages.

Mint condition.

"1943 Part 2" - story by John Rassy and art by Alex Saviuk.

Cover art by Glenn Ford. 
A New Zealand cover with the Phantom in the traditional brown.
Story : 

In this issue we bring you 1943 part 2, written by John Rassy with the distinctive and bold art of Alex Saviuk. What a great team they make. It’s a fast hectic tale set during World War II against a backdrop of French resistance, Nazi plunder, traitors and greed! There is an interesting moment of confusion generated when the skull ring is mistaken for traditional gestapo iconography. For a brief time our Mr Walker is thought to be a member of the gestapo. The combination of skull ring and trench coat can have that effect.

Nothing could be further from the truth of course as the plans of the Nazi looters begin to unravel at the end of a Phantom’s fist! The original Swedish version of this comic had another stunning cover by Henrik Sahlström pictured here. It’s notable that he steered away from the use of a swastika instead using a variation that clearly signifies the same. I would presume that this is to avoid the upset that such a blatant printing of that notorious symbol of an evil regime might evoke in post war Europe. None the less this cover clearly carries it’s message.

This is a 22 page Egmont story which first appeared in Fantomen Issue 17/2015. The cover for their version as inset here, was produced by Henrick Sahlstrom a Swedish cover artist. Our very own in-house director and artist Glenn Ford has clearly drawn some inspiration from Sahlstrom whilst at the same time using his own voice and visual expression! For those of you eagerly awaiting The Heart of Darkness please enjoy episode 5.


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