Issue 1747 - Kiwi Cover 2016


This story 1943 is a two part story written by John Rassy with artwork from Alex Saviuck who is an American cover artist. Alex started his Phantom journey working in conjunction with Fred Fredericks on Defenders of the Earth. This is a 22 page Egmont story which first appeared in Fantomen Issue 16/2015. The cover for their version as inset here, was produced by Henrick Sahlstrom a Swedish cover artist. Our very own in-house director and artist Glenn Ford has clearly drawn some inspiration from Sahlstrom whilst at the same time using his own voice and visual expression! For those of you eagerly awaiting The Heart of Darkness please enjoy episode 4. We do also have 1943 part 2 almost ready to print so shall bring that to you next week as we play catch up with the lost production time in January and February. This cover is a perfect platform from which to launch our first two new endeavours wherein we will have a variant New Zealand cover with the Phantom in the traditional brown.

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