Issue 1761 - Fortnightly, 2016


36 pages.

Mint condition.
  • "Venus of the Jungle" - story and art by Angelo Todaro.
Cover art by Angelo Todaro.

Welcome to the first issue of ‘The Phantom’s World’!
One of the first things we did, as the new Frew Crew, was look around for unpublished Phantom stories, from all over the world, which we could get hold of and reprint for the first time in English. (We gave you a taste with our recent Romano Felmang Issue - #1753). We found a wealth of material, ranging in quality from the sublime to the indigestible! Most readers are aware, I’m sure, of the vast number of Swedish stories that are yet to grace our pages and these will be turning up on an ongoing basis in the regular Frew comic. There are, however, many other Phantom stories that have been produced and published, under license, in many other countries, such as Brazil, Italy, Germany, Turkey and more.
Some of the newer, smaller, under-developed countries have produced some unlicensed ‘curiosities’, but you won’t be seeing any of those here. The stories we’ve found generally date back to the 60’s-80’s, when the Phantom was a world-wide newspaper phenomenon, and are accordingly much simpler in their style of story-telling - probably closer to the Lee Falk school of comic-strip writing - and quite far-removed from the modern, Egmont-style gritty, multi-part epics. You’ll be seeing some amazing artwork from Phan favourites, such as Romano Felmang, Germano Ferri, Angelo Todaro and Walmir Amaral de Oliviera. It won’t stop there, though - you will also see some newly commissioned stories from some of these international superstars. Romano Felmang is busy working on 2 brand new stories for us, and Angelo Todaro is writing and drawing something very special for us, as well.

This issue contains reprints of some of Angelo’s early work. ‘The Venus of the Jungle’ from Aventure Americaines #241 (1969 - pictured) and the back-up story ‘Like Lightning from the Sky’ from Les Heros de L’Aventure (1970 - also pictured) - both originally published by Fratelli Spada.

Also of note - Issue, #1764, our 80th Anniversary Special, is essentially a Phantom’s World sampler - 8 different stories, from 8 different countries, from over 8 different decades! A 212-page collection of different interpretations of our hero, including a brand new Swedish story, in colour!!!

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