Issue 1758 - Signature Series


36 pages.

Mint condition.

"The Singh War Part 1" - story by Claes Reimerthi and art by Cesar Spadari.

Cover art by Glenn Ford. Signed by Glenn Ford

Story : The Singh War Part 1 - The Flying Dutchman is another gripping tale from prolific and talented Claes Reimerthi featuring the artwork of that brilliant and enduring Argentinian, Cesar Spadari. This is a tremendously exciting new chapter in a long running epic struggle between the Phantom and Dogai Singh. It would be useful if you want to refresh your memory a little or for those that came in late to this story to read Issue No 1605 and also Issue No 1614. You will read about a saucy and tantalizing little moment of trickery that leads to the Phantom’s seduction and possible impregnation of his arch enemy’s daughter, President Sandal Singh.
She is clearly just as clever and conniving as the rest of her family, only her pursuit of power and wealth has gone down a more legitimate path. The path of a politician. Some may rightly say that there is little difference between the vocation of a politician and a pirate. Her father Dogai Singh certainly sees it that way and wants nothing more than to see his daughter and his grandchild return to the family business. So strong is that desire that he will stop at nothing to damage her political career and once again have complete control and influence over the family’s succession plan! Over many years of piracy he has accumulated numerous enemies, who are just waiting for the opportunity to seek their own measure of revenge! One such vengeful plotter has infiltrated the highest levels of trust and his day for what he sees as justice has finally arrived! See Issue No 1492 for a little more history on Hahmad Singh.

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