Issue 1755 - Kiwi Cover, 2016


68 pages.

Mint condition.

"The Phantom Down Under Black Fire parts 1 & 2" - story by Norman Worker and art by Carlos Cruz.
Cover art: Gary Chaloner

Story : The Phantom Down Under Issue No 1755 has been put together to celebrate the first visitation by Frew to a pop culture convention in a long time. Yes you heard correctly! We will be taking a booth at Sydney’s Supanova Convention over the weekend of 18 - 19 June. This represents the first time that Frew has attended a convention as an exhibitor since 1996!

To commemorate the event, we are printing the first Phantom story to be set on Australian  soil. To add some extra interest to this publication, it features the work of not one but six different cover artists. Trust me, this is no small or insignificant task! Getting one cover artist to complete their work and deliver to a deadline is vexing enough, but attempting to get six at once is akin to droving a litter of cats from Alice Springs to Sydney and encountering a mouse plague on route. Tomorrow, I’m told, it will all be here, and if you are reading this then it must have arrived. So we wait with fingers crossed in hope and anticipation. This comic book is due at the printer tomorrow, so leave the mice alone! You’re cutting it too fine, you crazy cats! All jests at artists expense aside, there will be two different covers for this publication; the main general newsagency distribution cover  for both Australian and New Zealand distribution will feature a cover by the renowned Australian comic artist Gary Chaloner.

We will be producing a “jam cover” especially for the Supanova booth. Featuring the work of all five artist



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