Issue 1752 - Kiwi Cover 2016


36 pages.

Mint condition.

"Evil Schemes" - story by Michael Tierres and art by Felmang, Benny.

Cover art by Antonio Lemos.

Story : 

In this week’s Issue I bring you “Evil Schemes” which was written by Michael Tierres (aka Reimerthi). The art by Felmang and Eugenio Benny is as you might expect has great strength and movement. Romano Felmang often entrusted the inking of his drawings to a handful of other talented artists. The Swedish title was “Argan List” and as you can see from the small cover inset below it was just one of several stories to appear in a 100 page comic published by Fantomen in 1993. The literal translation is guile or deception but we decided to go with “Evil Schemes”, it sums up the plot and keeps us in line with Phantom Wiki!  In this story is the first introduction to the Teneke tribe. The use of the potent mind altering Durru mushroom is to reappear in other Phantom stories. It’s essentially a tale of lust, power and the evil that this can generate in the wrong hands. Two brothers are set against each other in competition for the girl and the Kingdom.


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