Issue 1750 - Fortnightly, 2016


36 pages.

Mint condition.
  • "Nat Turners Spirit Part 3" - story by Claes Reimerthi and art by Kari Leppanen.
  • Heart of Darkness Part 6, "Unmasked Murderer"
Cover art by Jeremy Macpherson and Glenn Ford

Finally, I am able to bring you the 3rd episode of Nat Turner’s Spirit, Voodoo War. I had no intention nor premonition that the gap between publications would be so long. I do apologise for the wait and strongly recommend that you grab your copy of last year’s Issue No 1735 for a recap on this intriguing story. It flows from the pen of Claes Reimerthi accompanied by the wonderful and on occasions dark and foreboding artwork of Kari Leppanen. Our cover has been a collaboration between Jeremy McPherson and Glenn Ford.

It is enlightening to know a little about our title character Nat Turner. He is not a fictional character. He was born into slavery in 1800 on a Southampton County plantation. He was an intensely spiritual boy who always had visions and believed he had been chosen by God to emancipate the slaves in the South. He saw himself in a battle with the serpent. On 21st August he led a violent insurrection against the white plantation owners and slave traders. It struck fear into the hearts of the previously unchallenged white community. Leaving them glancing over their shoulders. Their lives of gentrification had experienced a shattered peace, bringing to the doorstep a sense of fear and disquiet.

Nat Turner was on the run for six weeks after the riots, but was eventually caught and later hanged. Far from bringing about emancipation the uprising led to tougher laws and harsher conditions for the slaves!

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