Issue 1748 - Fortnightly, 2016


36 pages.

Mint condition.

"Terror's Mutiny" - story by Tony DePaul and art by Paul Ryan.

Cover art by Paul Ryan.

Story : The sudden and sad news that Paul Ryan the highly respected and loved member of the Phantom artist’s community had passed prompted a flurry of replanning among the Crew.

Clearly something needs to be said or done to mark the passing of such an influential and talented Phantom artist. In Australia we have a special  sense of connection because he was good enough to visit and perform as the honoured and starring guest attraction at the 2014 Lee Falk Memorial Bengali Explorers Club Dinner.

He dazzled his audience that night with his gift for clean lines and freehand genius-inspired drawing. The front cover is a fine example from that dinner! I was in the middle of translating Heart of Darkness which will accompany 1943 part 2, when Glenn burst into the Skull Cave and delivered the news! I looked at him, he looked at me! It was an instantaneous moment of unvoiced understanding. Scrap the plan, what have you got Dudley? We need to pay our respects and publish it. You’ve got three days, four at best and while you’re at it, let’s celebrate the legacy of Paul Ryan by publishing in full colour.

No worries, she’ll be right was my response! I just happen to have Paul’s Terror’s Mutiny tucked away. Would that be appropriate? How about we try colour internals and a black and white cover? Yes, Yes, great it’s starting to get exciting now there are ideas bouncing of the wall three days later, weary and worn out, here we are at finishing touches. I’m excited about this comic it clearly ushers in a new era and a willingness to be adventurous. I look forward to your reaction. We really hope you enjoy it.

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