Issue 1745 - Fortnightly, 2016


36 pages.

Mint condition.

  • "The Snake Ring" - story by Dai Darrell and art by Kari Leppanen.

Cover art by Jeremy MacPherson.

The Snake Ring written by Dai Darrell with art by Kari Leppanen is a cracking way to start the New Year. The front cover art by Jeremy Macpherson is a little something we’ve been saving for the right moment. Isn’t it good to see him back in the saddle?

In this story we find here the reintroduction of Dr Lenn Jerome, the brilliant surgeon who managed to save Hero’s life in Issue No 1032, Hero’s Death Sentence. If you have that issue in your collection you might like to read it first.  If you don’t have it here is a brief synopsis of the background. Dr Jerome a friend of Diana’s was visiting at a time when Hero’s knee ligament got so badly damaged that The Phantom was going to have to put the horse down. Dr Lenn Jerome was able to perform a new surgical technique on the injured steed and restore him to full galloping health. As a thank you the good doctor was rewarded with The Phantom’s eternal gratitude, a snake ring and the Good Mark, a symbol of protection for himself and all his descendants.

In The Snake Ring, Dr Jerome finds himself in a circumstance where he desperately needs that protection and The Phantom is quick to respond as promised.


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