Issue 1744 - Christmas Special, 2015


108 pages.

Mint condition.

3 story Special:
  • "The Iceman" a new Sunday story in this issue - story by Tony DePaul and art by Terry Beatty.
  • "John X" - complete story by Tony DePaul and art by Paul Ryan.
  • "Rex and the Little People" - complete story by Lee Falk and art by Sy Barry.
Cover art by Glenn Ford.

Story :  The first of our stories in this 3 story  Christmas special is The Iceman written by Tony DePaul and with art by Terry Beatty whom I had the pleasure of meeting at the Lee Falk Memorial Bengali Explorers Club dinner held earlier in the year. This was a Sunday newspaper strip and it is our first publication of the story in its entirety. I found it particularly rewarding to have Kit and Heloise on an adventure with their father as they set out to Iceland to set straight a previously unresolved injustice. There is a charming sense of  family warmth in the relationship between the three as they fly to Iceland to search for treasure and truth.

The second of our new stories John X is another by Tony DePaul and on this occasion art was drawn by Paul Ryan. This was a daily newspaper strip that ran for much longer than most from 25.08.2014- 09.05.2015. It comes together very well as a completed story. The Phantom is grievously injured early on and we find ourselves taken on the ride as he teeters close to death and then struggles with rehabilitation and the loss of identity caused by amnesia. Devil the faithful mountain wolf as ever is by his side and the family never give up.

His true heroic nature is not diminished or suppressed by memory loss! Even time spent with the jungle patrol can’t seem to jog that past free in his mind. He’s physically remarkable, a natural leader of men and is swooned over by the woman he encounters, all the while completely unaware that he has a life and home to return to. Will he fully recover and ever be The Phantom again? What will it take to jolt him back to full recovery? Please read and enjoy John X in full for the first time.

Last but by no means least we bring you a great little classic story from 1973, Rex and the Little People.
This of course is straight from the pen of  the creator Lee Falk himself with his ever reliable  artistic offsider Sy Barry complimenting the efforts with his Phantom art. Was it a dream sparked by an old man’s story or did Rex have an encounter with little warriors flying on the back of falcons? I’ll leave you to be the judge of that.

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