Issue 1741 - Fortnightly, 2015


36 pages.

Mint condition.
  • "The Duel in Venice" - story by  Norman Worker and art by Kari Leppanen.
  • "The Heart of Darkness" (Part 1) The Grave of Imhotep written by Claes Reimerthi with art by Joan Boix.
Cover art by Jeremy McPherson

Story : Duel in Venice (Part 1) continues the story arc that commenced in Issue No 1737 The Treasure from Rhodes. The story is from the pen of Norman Worker and the art which is rather special is by Kari Leppanen. This issue cover has been designed by Jeremy MacPherson once again continuing the good work he did on The Mystery of the Golden Rune series. A special thanks to Antonio Lemos who has kindly offered some suggestions and tips throughout the process.

You may recall that The Phantom’s cousin Simon had been dishonoured and betrayed by his master, Count Emile de Auvergne. The Phantom took on and succeeded in the mission of recovering the treasure and in the process cleared his cousin’s name. In the process Count Emile’s treacherous deed was brought to the attention of The Grand Master. He was punished for it by a death sentence, leaving the family dishonoured. In this story Count Emile’s son Henri is encouraged by his mother to seek revenge upon The Phantom for the fate of his father and to clear the family name.

All of this has taken place against the backdrop of 1564 and the battle that raged between the Knights of the Johanniter Order on Malta and the forces of the Ottoman Empire who were attacking their strongholds. 

The Heart of Darkness (Part 1) The Grave of Imhotep by Claes Reimerthi with art by Joan Boix is shaping up to be a more than adequate way of completing our next Issue No 1742. The art is fantastic, the story dark and epic. In this the first part we meet the archaeological team and we learn a little of the power they have uncovered and released from the tomb! 

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