Issue 1740 - Fortnightly, 2015


44 pages.

Mint condition.
  • "The Search for Byron" - story by Jim Shepherd and art by Glenn Ford.
Cover art by Glenn Ford

Story : The Search for Byron, is a rather special reprint for us here at Frew Publications. It is one of the stories written by the late Jim Shepherd and was the fourth all Australian production of The Phantom with Glenn Ford providing the dynamic and distinctive art. The last printing of this title was back in Issue No 1131 and the year was 1996, so it’s well overdue for another outing! What makes this particularly exciting is that it gives me the opportunity to pause and reflect on the man who for so many years successfully guided Frew. There is never a day in this office that I am not reminded of his legacy either by direct reference ie Jim did it this way, or simply because his cheery smile is beaming at me from a photograph taken many years ago with Jack Thomson and The Phantom. It hangs on the wall to my left reminding me to do my best at all times.

The other exciting aspect of this reprint is that Glenn Ford has laboured away to provide us with a completely remastered version of the art with as you might expect an entirely new wrap around front and back cover. This art is quite definitively different in its dramatic angular design. Glenn is not afraid to let one frame be the statement on a page or to play with the placement of panels to create mood or pace. There is a bar room brawl that you will come to on pages 12 and 13 which were always drawn as a spread. In the first publication they didn’t get paginated that way. This time I have taken care to make sure they are a double page spread as intended which I feel brings more unrelenting frenzy to the brawl.

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