Issue 1737 - Fortnightly, 2015


36 pages.

Mint condition.
  • "The Treasure from Rhodes" - story by Norman Worker and art by Kari Leppanen.
The Treasure from Rhodes written by Norman Worker and with gorgeous art by Kari Leppanen is one of the classics out of Egmont which FREW has not previously published. It was with great delight I received this and I am quietly confident you will enjoy reading it. It follows the story of Kit who became the 1st Phantom and his cousin Simon. They grew up together and became as brothers. A pledge of support was made which is what brings The Phantom into the plot.

Simon had become a squire to Count Emile de Auvergne and travelled with him to Malta. The Grand Master of The Order of the Knights of Saint John had assigned the Count and also Simon with the task of retrieving the lost treasure of Rhodes. A ship loaded with treasure went aground in a storm many years earlier on the coast of Africa. The survivors of that wreck had hidden the treasure. Gunther who is the last remaining member of that ship’s crew travels with the count to find the hidden treasure. Things don’t go as planned. They are attacked and captured by desert pirates who take them to Suliman the Cruel, at his stronghold in Ismahan. They are tortured to reveal the location and Simon is killed in the process but never discloses the treasures location. Simon’s Master Count Emile is not so brave or honourable under pressure discloses the treasure and betrays his men. Simon appears as a ghostly vision in the Skull Cave asking the Phantom to clear his name of the dishonour that his masters treachery brought.

A wonderful and epic tale then unfolds as The Phantom travels North across the desert, finds passage to Malta, meets the Grand Master and asks permission to clear his cousin’s name by personally retrieving the treasure for the Order.  The Phantom cuts a magnificent figure dressed in the armour of The Order of St John. This plot has it all as The Phantom goes head to head with the evil Suliman. Better yet, there are two other related stories The Duel in Venice (part 1) and The Battle for Malta (Part 2) which I will bring to you soon!

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