Issue 1734 - fortnightly, 2015


36 pages.

Mint condition.
  • "The Mystery of the Golden Rune Part 5 - Solomon's Mines" - story by Norman Worker and art by Hans Lindahl.
Cover art by Jeremy MacPherson

The Mystery of the Golden Rune Part 5, Solomon’s Mines, written by Norman Worker with art by Hans Lindahl. In this final chapter of the saga Moz has a premonition in a dream of the approaching evil that is about to descend upon the Skull Cave and the Phantom.
  Bail returns in search of the fifth rune and the key which will open that most evil and frightening of doors. This time he comes in yet another guise. As one of two shipwreck survivors, a priest called Liba (anagram for Bail) is taken in and nursed back to health. As a result he is able to infiltrate the Skull Cave and wield great and evil influence over The Phantom’s trusted friend Guran. The result of his evil influence takes both the Phantom and Guran to the very precipice of doom.

  The epic nature of this series has made it extremely popular in the past and I do hope that those of you who have encountered it for the first time through this publication have enjoyed the journey as much as I have.

  It has been particularly interesting to look at the artistic styles of Kari Leppanen who set the bar high in (part 1-2), Felmang took it to new heights (part 3) Carlos Cruz with his attention to historical detail (part 4) and now Hans Lindahl takes us to the door of Hell (part 5). My personal favourite was Felmang’s effort in which I suspect Ferri had some input but these judgements are always highly subjective. Did you have a favourite, I wonder? All well rounded off with consistently excellent original covers from Jeremy MacPherson who has grown in confident strength from one chapter to the next.

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