Issue 1716 - fortnightly, 2015


36 pages.

Mint condition.

"The Secret Weapon" - story by Dag Frognes and art by Karl Leppanen.

Story : The Secret Weapon is set against a backdrop of the American Civil War. The 16th Phantom finds himself in the thick of battle as he attempts to stop a highly advanced warship from falling into confederate hands. He is instrumental in saving President Lincoln’s life and there’s a wild chase through the battlefields of Antietam.
Written by Dag Frognes with superb art from the pen of Kari Lappanen the story is completed by the addition of a young female heroine who as it turns out has amazing talent combined with a social conscience. She makes a remarkable and fiercely independent choice. Miss Villiers is no wilting wallflower. In fact she leaps off the page as a thoroughly modern woman who can hold her own in any man’s world.


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