Issue 1638 - Special, 2012


100 pages.

Mint condition.

3 story Special:
  • "The Man In The Iron Mask" a new Sunday story in this issue - story by Donne Avenell and art by Hans Lindahl.
  • "Wings Of Death" - complete story by Michael Tierres and art by Felmang Ferri.
  • "Worubu" - complete story by Norman Worker and art by Jean-Yves Mitton.

Cover art: by Glen Ford

Three classic Phantom adventures—three different writers and three different artists!

This special issue transports you through the Frew archives and centres on  stories which have been out of print for 21-22 years.

The oldest of the three is The Man In The Iron Mask (originally published as simply, The Iron Mask) which first appeared in Frew No 956 in 1990.

You will find more about the story in our editorial feature elsewhere in this issue. Suffice to say it highlights one of the late Donne Avenell’s best Phantom adventures and some of Hans Lindahl’s most inventive art.

Worubu and Wings Of Death appeared in successive Frew issues in 1991 (respectively, No 976 and No 977).

Both are absolutely brilliant! Worubu was written by the late Norman Worker (like Donne Avenell, also based in England) and illustrated by the incredibly talented Frenchman Jean-Yves Mitton.

Wings Of Death flowed from the creative writing machine ‘Michael Tierres’ (pen name for Claes Reimerthi) and was drawn and brushed by Carlos Cruz.

All the stories are typical of the very special time in the comic book world when they first appeared….fast moving, action-packed, superbly illustrated.



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