Issue 1612 - Special, 2011


100 pages.

Mint condition.

3 story Special:
  • "The College Kid" - story by Donne Avenell and art by Hans Lindahl.
  • "The Legend of Rahotep - Finale" -  story by Michael Tierres and art by Felmang Ferri.
  • "Death in Belgium" - story by Norman Worker and art by Jean-Yves Mitton.
Variety—and widely separated geographical locations—is the keynote in this 100-page special issue!
Inside you will discover a revamped presentation of the 1992 Scandinavian classic, Death in Belgium, the new Sunday story about The Phantom rescuing a young student in the Deep Woods and the final episode of the mysterious Legend of Rahotep saga in which we re-visit ancient Egypt!
Death in Belgium, written by Donne Avenell and illustrated by Jean-Yves Mitton is a brilliant Phantom historical adventure, which dives into European intrigue, the search for an art masterpiece and the fiendish plots of some really nasty villains.
I can guarantee an exciting and thought-provoking read, but concentrate….Mitton’s art is so exquisite, you may find yourself spending a lot of time studying his technique at the expense of Avenell’s extremely detailed writing! At least you will understand why Mitton has always been considered one of Europe’s great comic art talents!
The Frenchman was—and is—up there with the very best in his hotly competitive profession!
Sadly, he remained for an all-too brief time on the creative team of Scandinavian editions of The Phantom comic book before being lured away by European publishers of Heavy Metal titles and other exotic art creations.

As we pointed out in a recent Frew edition, the last of his Phantom work to be published in Australia was...



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