Issue 1528 - Fortnightly, 2009


36 pages.

Mint condition.

"Destination Haiti" - story by David Bishop and art by Cesar Spadari.

Story : 
Kate Somerset returns in our new story, Destination Haiti!
For Those Who Just Came In, a reminder that the incredible saga involving Kate and The Phantom has been progressing for a long time and looks likely to continue.
Part of their association is explained in the opening of this story, but if you have access to old Frew editions of The Phantom, it will be highly worthwhile referring to those issues which contained early Kate Somerset stories.
Be prepared for some deep trawling, because the stories date back beyond 2005!
You must remember that all the Kate Somerset stories are post the Lee Falk era and therefore cannot be accepted as official Phantom history.
That said, all are fascinating!
The Phantom and Kate had a son (named Chris) outside of marriage and Destination Haiti actually jumps back in time, because we briefly see young Chris at his boarding school in England.
In one 2005 story, he had actually grown to adulthood!
The Scandinavian creators of the Kate Somerset adventures doubtless have many more surprises in store...


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