Issue 1523 - Fortnightly, 2008


36 pages.

Mint condition.

  • "Alter Ego" - story by David Bishop and art by Cesar Spadari.

Story : 

It’s not the first time somebody has tried to impersonate The Phantom, but Alter Ego is a story with a difference!

Author David Bishop has injected some new twists into the theme and illustrator Cesar Spadari has excelled himself with just the right amount of mystery and at the climax, some good old-fashioned horror!

To add to all the drama, we again catch up with the strange Sandal Singh, the new President of Bangalla.

It’s hard to come to grips with Sandal Singh!

The fact that she comes from the ranks of the Singh Brotherhood explains her passion for cruelty and corruption.

However, she clearly has a soft spot (to put it mildly) for The Phantom, the Brotherhood’s arch enemy!

It is hard to know who deserves the most sympathy—Paul Morphy, the criminal who tries to cover his tracks by disguising himself as The Phantom—or Sandal Singh, who is torn between the unbreakable traditions of her upbringing and her undisguised love for the man who has sworn to destroy the Brotherhood! ...



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