Issue 1520 - Fortnightly, 2008


36 pages.

Mint condition.

  • "The Pirate Festival" - story by Claus Reimerthi and art by Karl Leppanen

If The Pirate Festival seems vaguely familiar, check out the Frew Phantom Chronicles for 1990!
In Frew No 948 published that year, you will find a story entitled The Raid in Sanloi in which the history of the Pirate Festival is first told!

Interestingly, writer Claes Reimerthi (using his then pen name ‘Michael Tierres’) collaborated with artist Kari Leppanen to create The Raid in Sanloi. Now, after a gap of some 18 years, the famous creative team has reunited to bring the adventure completely up to date!

Naturally there are crossovers of theme (even a few contradictions!) but Claes and Kari have worked wonders to inject many new ideas into the plot! The chief villain in The Raid in Sanloi was a character known only as Jacket whose forefather, the pirate Captain Tease, masterminded the plunder of Sanloi in 1688.

Early in the story, the current Phantom recalls that his own forefather, the 7th Phantom, brought an end to the raid and the pirates, by blowing up their ship and sending it and most of the looted treasure to the bottom. Later in the story, the 21st Phantom stumbles on the remains of Captain Tease (and the missing stolen treasure) in a cave and eventually rounds up Jacket and his gang, hands them over to the authorities and returns the missing treasure to the Sanloi Museum.

Claes Reimerthi (‘Michael Tierres’) came up with a wonderful climax to The Raid in Sanloi.With Jacket pointing a handgun at him in the cave where the remains of Captain Tease have been found, The Phantom dodges a shot, steps on the skeletal hand of Captain Tease—and causes the discharge of a loaded musket. The ball from the musket hits Jacket, causing a....


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