Issue 1507 - Fortnightly, 2008


36 pages.

Mint condition.

"'Gh'Gaan's Curse" - The Mysterious Cave Part 2 - story by Idi Kharelli and art by George Bess.
Part 1 is Issue 1506.

Story : 

The Phantom seeks the truth about the Mysterious Cave and Ch’Gaan, the demented witchdoctor.

Ch’Gaan is one of the strangest villains ever encountered by The Phantom!

He possesses what seem to be out-of-this-world powers and according to the Chronicles, may well have been around the jungle for more than 150 years!

In this new story, The Phantom not only has to battle Ch’Gaan, but a merciless pirate and slave trader named Gabriel Ratchets.

To complicate things even further for The Phantom, the story is largely set in 1827 (the time of the 14th Phantom) when Bengali was under British Colonial rule.

As you are about to discover, some of the British troops are working hand in glove with Gabriel Ratchets and his pirates, assisting in his slavery crimes.

The Jungle Patrol, formed in 1664, is always on standby for ...



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