The Phantom Diary 2017 - for collectors!


The Phantom Diary 2017 published by Mallon Melbourne
For the first time ever we are able to offer you this magnificent diary to help keep you organized in 2017 or to add to your collection. 
From the depths of the Skull Cave in Bangalla, we bring you the latest 2017 diary for the Phantom, The Ghost Who Walks. Accompanied at times by his trusted dog Devil, and is often astride his horse Hero, the Phantom fearlessly sets off once more to fight his many enemies. Follow him through the steamy jungles and across the frozen steppes as he pits his wits against the Singh Brotherhood, the Toad Men and the Sky Band among others. The comic has similarly reached faraway parts of the world, and this years diary features a range of covers from around the world, including Greece, New Zealand, the United States,Germany, Norway,Australian and Brazil.
Call the Phantom anywhere and he will hear.... 


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