Issue 1620 - Christmas Special, 2011


100 pages.

Mint condition.

2011 Christmas Special
3 story Special:
  • "The Cathedral Mystery" - story by Scott Goodall and art by Jean-Yves Mitton.
  • "The Vandal Looters" - a 1973 Daily story - story by Lee Falk and art by Sy Barry.
  • "The Nomad" - a 2011 Sunday by Tony De Paul and art by Paul Ryan and Eduardo Barreto.
Cover art by Antonio Lemos.

In this special you will find three stories—one from Lee Falk’s vast Chronicle of adventures, another from our Scandinavian colleagues and a new story from the United States,

The Lee Falk classic is The Vandal Looters, a 1973 daily illustrated by Sy Barry, which has been out of print for 16 years (since Frew No 1090 in 1994).

The classic contribution from the Scandinavian archives is The Cathedral Mystery, written by Scott Goodall and drawn by Jean-Yves Mitton.

The one and only previous appearance of this story was in Frew No 994 in 1991 (some 19 years ago!).

Our third offering is the new Sunday adventure. The Nomad, written by Tony DePaul, initially illustrated by Paul Ryan and completed by new artist Eduardo Barreto.

So—apart from loads of entertainment from three entirely different story themes, you can have fun comparing the styles and skills of three different writers and four different artists, most from different time zones in the history of The Phantom Chronicles!

The title, The Vandal Looters has always worried me a little, because somehow, it sounded, if not a little clumsy, a shade too ponderous for an adventure which moves for the most part at breakneck speed... 



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