Issue 1589 - Christmas Special, 2010


100 pages.

Mint condition.

4 story Special:
  • "The Dirty Half Dozen" - story by Tony DePaul and art by Paul Ryan.
  • "Fathers and Sons" - story by Lee Falk and art by Wilson McCoy.
  • "Whirlpool Channel" - story by Lee Falk and art by Wilson McCoy.
  • "The Strange Fisherman" - story by Lee Falk and art by Wilson McCoy.

Here we are again….2010 almost over and Christmas almost upon us!

Right on cue, we present Frew’s 2010 Christmas Special featuring four stories headed by a new thriller from writer Tony De Paul and artist Paul Ryan.

The new story is The Dirty Half Dozen, an action-packed adventure in which The Phantom battles corporate crooks from the United States to Bangalla.

It is so true to life as to be literally frightening. There are indeed, such cold blooded business sharks all over the world out there!

For years they operated openly, using fraudulent investment schemes as their cover, but these days, thousands of these creeps shake down the innocents via the worldwide Internet.

I hope you enjoy the three Lee Falk golden oldies in this issue!

All are favourites with everybody at Frew.

The Whirlpool Channel, Fathers and Sons and The Strange Fisherman all appeared in the 1940s and 1950s when the rising force of super heroes vied for comic strip and comic book supremacy with hard-boiled detectives and tough-guy adventurers.

It is not hard to imagine Lee Falk analysing the comics field and deciding to steer a neutral course with The Phantom, cutting the macho action to a bare minimum and injecting some subtle humour into his own stories of the time ...



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