Issue 1963- Fortnightly, 2024


36 pages

Cover by Grange Wallis

In this comic we bring you “The False Jean Lafitte” written by Claes Reimerthi and with wonderful art courtesy of Anthony Spay. This is another tale from the chronicles retold by the Phantom to Diana. It focuses on the 13th Phantom’s brother in-law Jean Lafitte, see Issue No 1957 “Jean Lafitte’s Treasure”, for the full backstory.
The 13th Phantom was married to Jeanette Lafitte and her brother was the infamous pirate and American Battle of New Orleans hero, Jean Lafitte whose final resting place is within the vault of missing men according to the 111th Phantom Sunday story written by Lee Falk.

The next story in this comic is part 2 of “Bad Blood in Bangalla”, in which Shane Foley weaves a tapestry that draws its threads from so many wonderful old stories it requires a bibliography.


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