Issue 1939 - Fortnightly, 2023


36 pages 
“The Lord of the Dragon”
which was originally produced and published in L’Uomo Mascherato #108 in 1969 by Fratelli Spada. There were two aspects to this story that attracted my attention and that I hope you might also take pleasure in!
Firstly, the quality of the art by Senio Pratesi is just so clean and classic I was immediately drawn to it. Secondly, it’s a story from 1969 that has never been published in English previously according to any records I could find at least.
Plus Shane Foley’s concluding episode of “The Strange Day of the Witch Men”
You may recall last issue we left the ninth Phantom facing a huge serpentine monster that was rising out of the volcanic vapours of Mount Terripus.

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