Issue 1556 - Fortnightly, 2009


36 pages.

Mint condition.

"The Dangerous Portrait" - story by Ulf Granberg and art by Jaime Vallve.

Story : 
The story in this issue revolves around the 6th and 7th Phantom—and the dreaded Singh Pirates!
The Dangerous Portrait, written almost 20 years ago by Ulf Granberg and illustrated by Jaime Vallve, was first published in Scandinavia in 1990 and finally makes its debut in a Frew edition!
I think you will agree it is long overdue!
Ulf’s script is fascinating, based as it is on a Singh invasion of the Deep Woods, because it is one of the few Phantom adventures to develop the main plot around such a possibility!
Almost as interesting is the manner in which the story skirts around what really became of the 7th Phantom!
According to Lee Falk’s official Phantom history, the 7th Phantom married either a French Queen (Guardian of the Eastern Dark, 1977) or Natala, the Queen of Navarre (Captain Amazon—Pirate Queen, 1989-90).
This, of course, completely contradicts something Lee had written much earlier—that among at least two other possibilities, the 6th Phantom married Queen Natala of Navarre and therefore, that Queen Natala was actually the 7th Phantom’s mother!
You will note that Ulf Granberg has gone along with Queen Natala marrying the 6th Phantom!



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