Issue 1662 - Fortnightly, 2013


36 pages.

Mint condition.
  • "The Storm Maker" - story by Michael Tierres and art by Felmang/Waldrag.
Cover art by Glen Ford.

Back to 1990 in this issue with an updated reprint of the old Scandinavian classic, The Storm Maker. It last appeared in Frew No 957 that year as a 32-page edition, with a simpler newsprint front cover, which  naturally meant there was  no need for an art paper wraparound and thus, no back cover.

This time, we have added the art paper covers, modified the Glenn Ford original front cover art, added a new four-colour back cover by another commissioned artist and a few modern touches on the inside pages to bring it up the now normal bulk of 36 pages. Treatment of the story art has barely been altered. We have even retained the original hand lettering, because it remains an excellent example of the available craftsmanship of the time!

In edition No 957, we did not credit the writer and artists, but this has been remedied on the new introductory page. Officially, the writer was ‘Michael Tierres’, who as everybody now knows, was the then pen name used by Claes Reimerthi. The artist was Romano Felmang assisted by inker Waldrag. I mention all these fine details, because thousands of dedicated collectors of Frew editions (and they are now world-wide!) insist on such data to keep their computer files completely up to date!

Comic book collecting and data filing is really that serious a pursuit these days! Long gone is the time when fans simply kept their Frew Phantoms in cardboard boxes and pulled them out to spin away a few hours on wet weekend afternoons! Nowadays, it is a time of acid free, stiffened and protective plastic sleeves, professional binders and temperature controlled storage rooms! The Storm Maker remains an excellent example of superior, adventure story-telling. 



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