Issue 1555 - Fortnightly, 2009


36 pages.

Mint condition.

  • "The Murderer" - story by Jaime Vallve and art by Ulf Granberg.

Story : 

Here it is! The Murderer by Ulf Granberg and Jaime Vallve!

Best you be pre-warned the adventure is not only gripping, but at times verges on the brutal and incorporates a quite unexpected and tragic climax.

Be prepared to feel more than a little wrung-out as you finish the final page!

So many things to think about….

Was there a very special bond between The Phantom and the Princess Khirem—a bond that perhaps hinted at a budding romance?

This story features the 16th Phantom, who, according to creator Lee Falk, married the American Annie Morgan, but The Murderer time zone places The Phantom before that happy event.

Although it is only hinted at the very beginning of this adventure, we are left with the impression that the 16th Phantom was very young (16 or 17) and thus still learning the ropes as The Ghost Who Walks—and unmarried.

(Interesting to remember that the  11th Phantom married an unnamed Indian women who was possibly the daughter of a Maharajah.)




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