Issue 1508 - fortnightly, 2008


36 pages.

Mint condition.

"The Phantom Army" - story by David Bishop and art by Sal Velluto.

Cover art by Sal Velluto.

Story :

Prepare yourself for a quite amazing journey to Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris!

The Phantom and Diana become involved in not only a murder mystery set in modern times, but a trip back in history to the German occupation of Paris during World War Two.

Throw in a strange group of mutants who inhabit the secret depths of the world famous Cathedral, hidden treasures stolen during the War, a mysterious Cathedral guide and an even more

mysterious French policeman!

An amazing and engrossing adventure!

Writer David Bishop has surpassed himself with a wonderfully researched script and American artist Sal Velluto has turned in one of his most brilliant efforts.

As mentioned in a recent Message, it will be well worth everybody’s while to do some personal research on Notre Dame Cathedral.

You will be well rewarded! The history of the Cathedral is fascinating and is well documented on dozens of Websites.

What actually happened there during World War Two is engrossing enough, but research as far as you can and unearth equally fascinating facts and rumours about the construction of this

architectural masterpiece and the many myths which have grown around still-to-be-found....


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