Issue 1482- fortnightly, 2007


36 pages.

Mint condition.

"Out of the Shadows" - story by Tony De Paul and art by Felmang & Usam.

Story : 

Out of the Shadows, written by Tony De Paul and illustrated by the Felmang-Usam team, is a fast-moving adventure with links to the infamous Boomsby Prison which has featured so many times in Phantom stories created in Scandinavia.

The chief villain is Rafe Dobson, nicknamed ‘Pale Face’ because of the ghostly look he developed after years in solitary confinement - hence the story title, Out of the Shadows.

Almost rivalling him as the main villain is a former accomplice Dobson thought he had killed!

Writer De Paul has cleverly linked the pair of them in an intriguing plot involving the search for a stash of stolen diamonds which only The Phantom can unravel.

The story is full of confusing identities which The Phantom, as ‘Mr Walker’, uses to the hilt!

The success of disguises has never been more evident!

Dobson fails to recognise ‘Mr Walker’ as The Phantom, the man/Ghost who once captured him - and also fails to recognise Jerry, his former accomplice, who somehow survived Dobson’s attempt to kill him and after recovering, undergoes plastic surgery to shed his original identity.

It’s all wonderful comics drama.



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