Issue 1772 - Christmas Special, 2016


100 pages.

Mint condition.

4 story Special:
  • "The Battlements of the Nomad" - story by Tony DePaul and art by Terry Beatty.
  • "The Twins’ Futures" - story by Tony DePaul and art by Paul Ryan .
  • "Farewell to the Deep Woods" - story by Tony DePaul and art by Michael Manley.
  • "SOS Phantom" - story and art by Bill Lignante.
Cover art by Sal Velutto.

In this edition we bring you 4 stories that are all American and in complete
colour just for a change. You might consider it a Christmas Special with
just a little bit of added special! The stories contained within have been
running as either Sunday or daily stories in U.S.A and were produced as
newspaper strips throughout 2015 and 2016.
Here at Frew we wait patiently for the plots to unfold and complete
themselves before we dare to venture down the road of publication.
Normally we collect and collate each episode in black and white. This
Christmas we put a request in for the colour files. Following the reception
that you gave to our Paul Ryan tribute and also to the 80th Anniversary
we are feeling that the readership have a desire and or tolerance for
colour from time to time in moderation.
The first story The Battlements of the Nomad is a Sunday story in which
we find the Phantom hot on the trail of Eric Sahara otherwise known as
the Nomad! The Nomad is an old enemy of the Phantom. The Nomad
again appears to be up to no good in the middle of a desert but the
Phantom is keeping a close eye on him.
Our second story is a daily, The Twins’ Futures in which the children are
growing up and consideration must be given to their future education in
preparation for the life ahead whatever it may throw at them! So on the
occasion of their 15th birthdays the decisions need to be made. This is
an interesting story for two reasons. One, it is an another opportunity to
appreciate and savour the work of Paul Ryan. Secondly, as it may very
well signpost a new direction for the Phantom. Up until now it has been
unclear what was going to occur with the children. If indeed they would
grow and when they do who would fulfill the destiny that belongs to a
modern Phantom?
Father to Son would on face value be the logical succession but this is a
new era and Heloise has all the skill and intellect of her sibling. We live in
an era where we like to think woman have earned equal rights! I wonder if
that will flow on into a Phantom’s future?
Is this is just a window into the domestic humdrum of parenting decisions.
I see more in it than that! I strongly feel that it may signal a turning point
for the twins and their roles within the Phantom universe.
In the following story Farewell to the Deep Woods, the twins embark on
their new chapter. Heloise is off to Briarson School in New York and Kit is
educated in the Himalayas. To add to the complications Heloise becomes
roommates with the daughter of Eric Sahara (The Nomad). Diana is
struggling as it is with the separation and her fierce protective mother
instinct brings some friction and doubt to the relationship.
Our final story is a classic little Phantom story called SOS Phantom.
In this our hero is back to his crocodile wrestling best. This first appeared
in Mandrake the Magician #1 for King Comics in 1966. Created by Bill
Lignante, it has never previously been published by FREW. has to deal with one of his most evil female opponents.

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