Phantom - Adventures Collection Hard Cover - Legacy Series


The Phantom Adventures Collection - No 1-3 (1955-1956)

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3 issue prose comics from the mid 50's. Beautiful hardcover binding with flocked cover.

The first in an ongoing series of Frew reprints, The Phantom Adventures returns
us to a time when the Australian market needed to see MORE Phantom. Apart
from the regular, fortnightly, ongoing Phantom comic, The Phantom Adventures
offered us a ‘prose’ version of the Phantom, complete with ‘spot’ illustrations
commissioned from the prodigious Jan Kickhefer. Kickhefer, or ‘Kick’ as he was
known, was the artist on one of Frew’s other hero titles: Sir Falcon. Included is a
excellent article from Neville Bain, to help you get acquainted with his oeuvre.
For whatever reason, The Phantom Adventures only lasted 3 issues, and are
now very hard to find. Here they all are, in the first of our ‘Frew Legacy’ releases.

Dragon God
An adaptation of the 1947 Sunday story The Dragon God (S18). Frew had printed the comic strip version of this story four years earlier in #39

The Maharajah’s Daughter
An adaptation of the 1944/45daily story, The Maharajah’s Daughter (D22). Frew printed the comic strip version of this story five years earlier over two issues; #25 and #26. However, this prose version includes the final scenes in which the Maharajah of Nimpore gave Hero to The Phantom as a reward for his services

The Phantom Leaves his Mark
An adaptation of the 1943 daily story Bent Beak Broder (D17). Frew printed the comic strip version of this story four years earlier in #33.

Just for Kick
An appreciation and illustrated history of the work of cartoonist and illustrator Jan Kickhefer

100 pages

    Highly collectible!

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