Issue 1552 - Fortnightly, 2009


36 pages.

Mint condition.

"Hooded Justice" Part 1 - story by David Bishop and art by Sal Velluto.
Part 2 is Issue 1553.

Story :

In our new adventure, Hooded Justice, we take something of a mystical trip back to Olde England and the days of Robin Hood, Little John and Sherwood Forest.

Hooded Justice is written by David Bishop and illustrated by Sal Velluto and the two creators have come up with a story containing more than a few mysteries.

All will be revealed of course, in part two, which will be featured in Frew No 1553!

In the meantime, let your imagination soar!

Does the fifth Phantom actually experience everything in this first episode of Hooded Justice—or is it all a strange dream brought on by his being knocked unconscious early in the piece?

What do we make of the statement by the two guards who stumble on a very groggy Phantom—that they had never heard the term ‘pistol’?

Has The Phantom somehow gone back in time?

And is there really some kind of super power attached to the long bow of Little John?

Read on—some of the answers will become apparent in this first episode and you will be prepared for almost everything that happens in episode 2 ...see Issue 1553 ...

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